An outline of upcoming blog posts

Starting this week, I’m going to be posting blog posts about my PhD research. I’m currently looking at Twitter to better understand public views and opinions related to the Ebola outbreak. I have gathered tweets on Ebola using both open source, and industry specific software. And monitored the international news coverage of Ebola very carefully. I have a series of blog posts lined up which will cover some of the following topics:

  • Using Twitter to gather public views and opinions on Ebola
  • The different languages people use to Tweet about Ebola
  • The number of tweets on Ebola that have geolocation data
  • The number of Ebola tweets that have geolocation and language identifiers
  • A comparison of Ebola tweets with geolocation data across different APIs
  • Popular hashtags, TAG and word clouds on Ebola for Firehose data
  • TAG and word cloud comparisons across the REST, Streaming, and Firehose APIs
  • Network analysis using NodeXL

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