Table of tested software that can gather data from Twitter without programming knowledge

This is a table of software that I have used and tested for my PhD research (so far) to either gather or analyse Twitter data. I use them all in combination as they complement each other very well. Some of the software can allow for data gathered from other platforms to be imported into the application so it is best to read the documentation thoroughly.

Tool OS Platforms
Mozdeh Windows (Desktop advisable) Twitter
Webometric Analyst Windows Twitter (+image extraction), YouTube, Flickr
Mendeley, & Other web resources
NodeXL Windows Twitter, YouTube, & Flicker
Netlytic Web based Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram
Twitter Arching Google Spreadsheet (TAGS) Web based Twitter
Chorus Windows (Desktop advisable) Twitter
DiscoverText (free 30 day trial) Web based Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums, & Online news platforms
COSMOS Project Windows


Visibrain Web based


Did I leave something out? Let me know! Either in the comments section or via Twitter (@was3210).The table first appeared in an LSE impact blog post Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of current social media research tool

4 thoughts on “Table of tested software that can gather data from Twitter without programming knowledge

  1. HI Wasim,

    Really grateful for this list, which I’m looking forward to working my way through.
    Have you tried TAGS from Martin Hawskey? or IFTTT recipes ?
    Both require a Google account of course, so come with that overhead. The IFTTT recipes are rather limited in scope, but I find the one which archives Tweets I ‘Favourite’ into a spreadsheet quite useful; a manual process, but allows me to quickly and easily keep a record of Tweets I feel might be significant.




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