What does @paulmasonnews look like on Twitter?

Grateful for a recent favor from Paul Mason, (writer, broadcaster, film-maker, and recent author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future) I thought I’d report findings on his Twitter network graph. Thanks goes to my Connected Action Partner Marc Smith for generating the graph.

The graph below is of 2,416 tweets that contained ‘paulmasonnews’ taken from a 9 day period starting Tue May 24th and ending Thurs 02 June, 2016 (the graph gallery version of the graph can be found here)
paulmasonnews Twitter NodeXL SNA Map and Report for Thursday, 02 June 2016 at 18:06 UTC

The network graph is made up of several groups of Twitter users. Group 1 displays the Twitter audience of Paul Mason, which is known as a Broadcast Network which contain an audience of people who are linked only to Mason’s account (see Smith, Rainie, Shneiderman, & Himelboim, 2014).

I’m always interested in seeing the most frequently shared URLs in a graph and the top 5 most shared related to Mason consist of:

  1. Spanish article by Juan Carlos Monedero which analyses Mason’s new book Postcapitalism
  2. Mason’s own article for the Guardian on How to make James Bond relevant – make him battle Trump and the oligarchs
  3. A tweet by Mason related to Corbyn and Labour
  4. A link to a spanish live-stream titled Ciudades Democráticas (Democratic cities)
  5. A tweet by Mason on  Uberisation and Europe

The report shows there is much discussion surrounding Mason’s recently released book Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future.

The following are notable highlights:

  • The most frequently shared URL is based on this book.
  • Moreover, the keyword postcapitalism appears in the URLs of G2, G3, G7,
  • Postcapitalism it is the third most frequently used hashtag overall and the hashtag makes an appearance in G1, G2, G3, G6, G8
  • it appears in G6, G8 as among the top keywords
  • In G8 the top word pairs include:
    • [29] postcapitalism,paulmasonnews
      [28] penguinukbooks,paperback
      [28] paperback,postcapitalism
      [28] paulmasonnews,published
      [28] published,today

I could delve into many further aspects of the graph, but I’d like to point you to the NodeXL graph gallery which contains a comprehensive overview of the analytics overall, and by group level.

Disclaimer: At no time was any personally identifiable data and/or information physically stored and/or analysed by-myself and/or using any of my own equipment. The post draws on the various analyses conducted by others.

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