How a blog post I wrote took me to Split, Croatia (Part 1)

On July 7th, 2015 the Information School ran the iFutures conference (I severed on the committee and operated the social media strategy). I met Sergej Lugovic, from Zagreb University Of Applied Sciences, Croatia at this conference.

I had submitted a blog post for the LSE impact blog and was unsure whether it would be published, Sergej assured me that they would like the post. Three days after the conference on July 10th 2015 the article was published. I kept in touch with Sergej, and he had seen how well my blog post had done receiving thousands of hits and shares.

In June 14-18, 2016 as part of the Contemporary Issues in Economy and Technology (CIET) Sergej was able to organise a workshop that I would deliver on Twitter analytics. Below is an image of me and Sergej shortly before the workshop:


The workshop marked the first collaboration, in history, between Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, the University of Split, the Information School, University of Sheffield, and one of the largest food company in the world measured by revenues, and ranked within the top 100 on the Fortune Global 500 in 2014.

All thanks to Sergej’s hard work.

I would also like to thank the hard work of Dr Boze Plazibat in organising the conference. And for providing a tour of the Department of Professional Studies which hosts state of the art facilities.  I was truly impressed by the department. Below is an image of me with Dr Boze Plazibat, CIET 2016 conference organizer:


Split is a beautiful city and as I arrived a day earlier and left and day later I had the pleasure to do some sight-seeing, and speak to locals. This will be covered in part 2 of the blog post.

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