3rd International Summer School on Gaining Powerful Insights into Social Media

We are now in our 3nd year of running this event!

This year Dr Marc Smith (@marc_smith) from the Social Media Research Foundation joins us remotely including a Q&A session!

+ we are likely to include more speakers!

This year we also invite paper submissions of 500 words to be considered for presentation ! Email at Wasim.Ahmed@Northumbria.ac.uk

Papers Track Chair:

Dr Joseph Downing (London School of Economics and Political Sciences)

In intensive three days training participants will learn:

  • To use available social media monitoring tools (by hands on experience)
  • How to define goals on what metrics to monitor
  • How to develop measurement metrics
  • How social media monitoring and listening is used in different occasions
  • To increase social media impressions and use social media to target different customer segments
  • To use personality insights and machine learning to better understand consumers
  • Insights from academic research involving use cases and new types of research that is possible
  • What programming languages can offer that analytical tools do not
  • We believe that it is best to learn using a range of theoretical and practical tools, as well as looking at case studies, and then applying the knowledge gained on getting hands on experience.

Our course is divided roughly into the following:

– Theory (20%)
– Collaborative peer sessions (20%)
– Present different tools and the functions of these (10%)
– Provide a practical work and hands on experience (50%)

Learning will begin before the participants engage in the course. As participants will be asked what they would like to get out of the workshop and so the content we deliver will be tailored to the needs of the delegate, as much as possible. We will also source and deliver a number of papers for the delegates (course reading).


Read more and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3rd-international-summer-school-on-gaining-insights-into-social-media-tickets-56237816824

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