Free UK Event! Sheffield Hallam University Book Launch


This event will be used to launch our two new books available exclusively on Amazon:

A 20 Minute Quick Start Guide To: Getting Noticed on Twitter in 2020

Have a Twitter account but unsure of the most effective ways to attract followers? Want to take advantage of Twitter analytics and connect with interesting people? This guide will walk you through all the latest techniques and features available that you can start using right now. By the end of the book you’ll know how to get noticed by adjusting your bio, getting verified, utilising Twitter analytics, creating engaging content, optimising SEO, and connecting with influencers and more! Pick up the perfect quick guide for anyone new to Twitter as well as established users who want to take full advantage of the platform for personal and or business use.


InstaBusiness The Quick Guide to Making it on Instagram

With over 1 billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram stories organisations, entrepreneurs, and academics simply cannot afford to overlook the platform. This guide will take you through all fundamentals of Instagram including finding a millennial following on the platform. It’s jam-packed with techniques, tips and hacks that you can use to start building new relationships with customers,generating leads and sales on the platform to boost your profits. The book has been authored by academics who are very passionate about social media and have years of experience working with large-scale organisations.


author bio


What talks will the event feature?

  • The emerging importance of social media
  • How social media is being used across various sectors
  • How to effectively use Twitter, key tips and strategies from out book
  • How to effectively use Instagram, key tips and strategies from out book
  • Future of social media, and win a book competition


Who will benefit from attending?

This event will benefit a wide range of people including, but not exhaustive to:

  • Academics/ Researchers,
  • Masters and PhD students,
  • Research Support Staff and Managers,
  • Library and Information Professionals,
  • Communications and Marketing Professionals,
  • Finance/Banking Professionals,
  • Entrepreneurs
  • SMEs



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