How to Find Twitter Trends to Maximize Reach

One tactic that can be employed to gain more reach on Twitter is to piggy-back on trends with relevant content. It is important that the content is relevant otherwise it will come across as spam. An organisation that does this well is Paddy Power

In the example below they have shared a humorous tweet related to a football match between Liverpool and Dortmund that was taking place that day.

paddy power

But how do you go about actually identifying trends?

Well, we have compiled some useful websites to help you find Twitter trends:

  • Twitter’s own ‘trending topics list’. This is because it also has the most up to date and reliable data.
  • Trendsmap. Allows you to look up trending hashtags via location.
  • Sprout Social. This allows a Trends Report to be generated which analyzes all of your incoming messages and shows which hashtags are trending with your personal brand.
  • RiteTag. This provides a list of trending hashtags also give you feedback on your hashtags as you type, which indicates the strength of your Twitter hashtag.
  • #tagdef lists popular hashtags by time frame, including current, weekly and all time most popular hashtags. Tagdef is also great since the site provides a short description for each hashtag, making it easier for your business to sift through the topic before jumping in. 
  • Tagboard allows you to see the comments associated with any given hashtag.#

Want more Twitter tips and techniques?

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getting noticed on twitter

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