Become Instagram Famous: Understanding Instagram Stories

It has been 10 years since the inception of Instagram. Its premise is simple; to provide a platform for millions of users to share images and videos. With over 1 billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram stories, companies simply cannot afford to overlook it. 

Instagram stories allow you to post more content without necessarily displaying them on your main Instagram feed. Instagram stories are a great way of showcasing your company ethics without overloading your followers with excessive content. Stories are displayed at the top of any given Instagram feed and the user can choose to view your story. Where it differs from other content on Instagram is that it will disappear after 24-hours.

There are 6 types of content you can post to your story:

Text – great for quotes or other information, particularly of a daily nature. If you a running a single day sale, this is a great way to let your customers know.

Music – where you can attach a sound bite or music clip to one of your images or videos.

Superzoom’ – which adds an animated automatic zoom to a video of your choice

‘Focus’ – which automatically blurs out the background and highlights the main subject matter of an image or video.

‘Hands-free’ – which allows you to create a video without having to hold the record button; this is more practical than anything else if you intend to capture video whilst also being in it.

Another great feature of stories is that you can draw directly on top of the content as if it was a real picture or add a doodle/sketch.

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