How to use TikTok Influencer Marketing to Grow your Brand

What are TikTok influencers?

TikTok is still a fairly new application and social media platform, compared to the likes of Instagram and Twitter. Influencer marketing is becoming a much loved and used feature for many businesses, and the new rise of TikTok influencers is no different.

However, due to it being a new platform, many of the influencers are either celebrities or influencers from other platforms, for example an Instagram influencer.

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This is because they would download TikTok, tell all their Instagram followers that they now have TikTok, and their followers would then follow them on TikTok too. This means that it is harder to become just a TikTok influencer instead of multi social platform influencer.

Despite the challenge, it can be done, and people do become TikTok influencers without being an influencer on another platform. They do this by posting good quality content and engaging videos and build up a following from nothing.

As a business, working with these people with lots of followers means that your business can be promoted on a larger scale. Influencers have a status and key impact over their followers, and are seen as reliable and trustworthy people.

This is especially true, with regards to TikTok. As most of the videos are personal, this makes it easier to feel more connected and bonds are made between the user and the influencer. Having this status can be extremely helpful when promoting products, as people buy into the influencer and the products will essentially sell themselves.

How do you work with TikTok influencers?

Influencer marketing is a very simple yet easily misunderstood concept. Therefore, there are a few things a business needs to be aware of especially with TikTok. One of the main things to pay attention to would be how many likes, comments and followers a potential influencer has.

If the average number of likes and comments are reasonably high in comparison to the number of followers then you know that influencer has a high engagement level and their followers are active on their page.

As a business knowing your target audience is important, especially when branching out to get involvement from an influencer. If they already have a target audience it should be clear from the content they post. Make sure this aligns and matches your own target audience as this will mean getting promotional support from the influencer will be a lot easier.

Knowing what sort of people follow the influencer is really important as they are your essentially the new clients, if these are not the people you want to be reaching out to then it will be a waste of time and money using that influencer.

Make sure that there is a mutual understanding of what sort of content should be posted and how often it should be posted. For example, using ads in their videos that go directly to the website would be a good idea as long as it is relevant to the time and nature of the video.

Don’t jump straight into paying a lot of money to an influencer as it might not work out as originally planned. Paying small amounts to start with before building up the contract is a great idea for influencers of this style.

This is also a great idea as it allows the business time to see if influencer marketing is something that they can benefit the brand more, than other types of promotion. If after some time you believe that it is working, then you can look into hiring more influencers that potentially have a slightly different target audience opening the brand up further.

On the other hand, if you don’t think it’s working you can stop without loosing out on too much. Influencer marketing on TikTok is a very easy and potentially cheap way to get top quality marketing with other great benefits as well. Any business can easily do the necessary research and get in contact with influencers to start up their own promotional content.

 Do TikTok Influencers make a difference and is it worth it?

The main role of the influencer is to reach an audience that the brand has not got access to. Furthermore, the influencer can help promote the brand and its product to potential customers who have not previously heard of the brand and were not aware of them.


By getting involved in influencer marketing it can help to promote the influencers as well as the other way around, especially if the brand is well known. The best mix is when both the brand and the influencer are equally as well known as each other, or when the influencer is so trusted and respected that they can promote a not so popular brand.

The only time this really happens is with small brands or new business’s. Influencers help to raise awareness for brands. However, the business also needs to be able to help the influencer promotion by supporting them with great content and interesting videos.

This is to guide and push the influencer, so that they can then carry on promoting the brand themselves, whilst sticking to your guidelines and identity. Having discount codes for the influencer is a great way to help them promote products.

This is because its normally a very easy link that’s simple to remember, that way even if they haven’t heard of the brand they can trust the influencer to use the same products that they have recommended and got a discount for.

Discount codes also help you measure the effectiveness of the influencer. If lots of sales are achieved using the promoted code, you can be certain that lots of your customers are seeing the influencers posts and buying the products as a result.

If your business isn’t currently using TikTok, and haven’t looked in to TikTok influencer marketing then certainly take a look and find out more. Influencer marketing could be an excellent tool for your company, and help you grow your brand.

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