How to Create Engaging Content and Keep with the Trends on Twitter: An Overview of Methods

How to create engaging content

On Twitter, it is really important to make sure your content is engaging due to the fact that people won’t see your page unless they decide to follow you or someone else shares your posts. The most exciting or interesting post will get brands noticed.


Here are a few other ways to make sure that you’re making engaging content multiple times a day:

Create Twitter polls

Twitter polls are a great way of connecting with your followers. The best polls are ones that ask questions about what they expect from brand, what can be changed or improved but also what they love. This tactic is an easy feedback opportunity but also a bit of fun. Other ways to create the polls could be generic questions which people may engage with.

Use other peoples content to attract to your page

Keeping up with other rival brands promoting content can really help you. If they promote something and people backlash it there is an opportunity for your brand to get in and take their disappointed customers over to your page to then see your products helping them make the decision to swap over.

Include visuals in most of your Tweets

Having photos or videos in your tweets can make them way more attractable to scrolling people. Also, people who search hashtags to see overall posts will notice yours first if it stands out as an extra colorful and dramatic post. Another important thing about using visuals is to help people understand the post better, no one likes to read massive texts but seeing a photo with a couple words explaining what’s going on or a video while someone talks, is likely to be watched more by people who are taking in what the video is telling them.

Use the same hashtag for all the related content

This comes in really useful when someone wants to find posts related to your brand and all they have to do is type in your own branded hashtag with only your product details on the page. Use a hashtag that other people wouldn’t use by accident as that will ruin the whole concept if other people post random photos to the page. A hashtag example could be the brand name followed by the date the brand was launched, this hashtag will only be used by your brand to promote the same promotional details on your products.

How to keep up with the trends of Twitter

Trends are a huge part of being able to say you promote your brand well. The most important thing before starting a Twitter is to know what trends you’re going to need to comply with throughout your Twitter journey. Keeping up to date with the forever changing and demanding trends isn’t easy but there are a few ways you can do it;

Tailoring your content to your audience

By often checking who follows you is a great way to see what sort of demographic you should be targeting you content towards. It also helps you to understand if you should be branching out to a different range of people. Once you have a clear understanding of the sort of people that follow you, the brand can start to tailor the content they make so that it is appropriate for that audience. This will also mean your followers are more likely to share your posts if they feel they understand and relate to the content.

do something great

Master the ‘Twitter lingo’

Understanding phrases and terms that are becoming huge trends on social media platforms can help you understand what to say in your tweets. As a brand, you want to be cool and trendy using phrases that have just become big. There are so many abbreviations that others will use and if as a brand you don’t understand them, then you could miss out on a great chance to promote yourselves.

Prevent potential social media embarrassments

A key thing to remember when it comes to social media is that it’s there forever. If you post something without thinking it through fully or share something with the opportunity for opinions to be debated then you could potentially put the brand  in a very awkward situation, which they might not be able to recover from. Some trends can be very political which isn’t something a brand always wants to put themselves into. Knowing which trends to take part in and knowing which ones not to is the most important thing to remember.

Promoted trends

A promoted trend is similar to a brand takeover. It’s when the brand pays to promote themselves for 24 hours on the home page. Everywhere users look they will see the promotions which is great in the sense of gaining potential followers or attracting people to look at your products. However, it’s not the sort of thing to do a lot as people could get annoyed that all they see is your products which could have a negative effect. Knowing when people are most likely to need the products you’re promoting is a great way to tell when you should be paying for the 24 hour promotions.

Use 3rd-Party applications

Keeping up to date with the trends can be really difficult especially as they are also changing regularly. Lots of companies have created 3rd party applications that allow brands to see what’s trending and which hashtags are working the best. There are also apps that allow you to work out what sort of following you have and how you can best target the trends that you choose to use in your content. Twitter has a section where you can see trending files and also the insights from your page.

If you want to increase your following and visibility on Twitter, check out our 20 Minute Quick Start Guide To: Getting Noticed on Twitter in 2020. It has some really helpful tips to help your brand grow!


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