Learn about social network analysis and NodeXL at this event

Social media research has grown in importance with the increasing popularity of social networking websites in particular Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram etc. as well as social computing in general. As people increasingly participate in online communities for social, commercial, and civic interaction, new methods are needed to study these phenomena.

NodeXL provides easy access to social media network data streams, advanced network metrics, and text and sentiment analysis, and powerful report generation with just a few clicks.

NodeXL is useful because it allows anyone to begin to analyse social media data without having any prior knowledge and/or any programming skills. You might be wondering where you can learn more about NodeXL.

Luckily the Social Media Research Foundation has organised an event to take place in late Janruary.

The event will focus on providing an overview of NodeXL and Social Network Analysis and will guide delegates on all the steps required to be able to use the tool to download and analyse social media data. 

On completion, delegates will be emailed a certificate of attendance  (PDF) and the skills that have been gained.

The learning outcomes of the event are as followed:

*upon completion of this course, participants will understand the basics of SNA, its terminology and background.

*be able to transform communication data(e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) into network data.

*understand the different possible data formats for social networks e.g. in a matrix or edge list.

*know how SNA can be applied to social media analysis.

*be familiar with the use of standard SNA tools and software in general and the NodeXL social network analysis add-in for Excel in particular

*be able to derive practical and useful information through SNA analysis that would help design and manage an innovative and successful online community.

This event will benefit a wide range of people including, but not exhaustive to:

*Academics/ Researchers

*Masters and PhD students

*Research Support Staff and Managers

*Library and Information Professional

*Communications and Marketing Professionals

*Finance/Banking Professionals,


Message for me for the link!

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