Social Media Research Foundation’s Summer School Recap

Over a week towards the end of July the Social Media Research Foundation hosted a Summer School. The format of the event included 3-full days followed by two one to one meetings with participants. Below you can see some of the members of the Social Media Research Foundation.

What content was being taught?

The summer school covered a variety of topics around researching social media datasets with a special focus on using social network analysis for gaining insight into collections of connections from social media platforms. Participants were provided with trial licenses to NodeXL Pro and were taken trough walkthroughs of how to analyse data.

The summer school covered important topical research areas such as disinformation, the current state of social media research, and the current state of computational social science among others. The Summer school also contained a number of talks on other tools and methods to analyse social media datasets, and we were lucky to have a number of excellent guest speakers. Below you can see an overview of the speakers at the event.

Our collaborations and competitions in the run up to the event

The summer school also offered a number of scholarships and collaborated with the Women in Network Science (WiNS) society to award fee waivers based on our competition on developing a research study using social media datasets. Below you can see some of our students during the final day of the event

What feedback did the Summer School receive?

Below you can read some of the quotes we received from attendees

“The NodeXL Summer School provides relevant practical lessons for starting your social media data analysis journey and the instructors are keen on adapting on your specific interests and research needs”

“NodeXL is super easy to use and offers great insights into social networks.”

“Big data analysis and visualization of social media data are simply beautiful with #NodeXL”

“An extremely dedicated team of experts who are determined to share and teach you how to do SNA!”

“If you love social media and understand its perks and value, the course allow you to star the path to become an expert of social media analysis.”

How can you get involved?

Don’t worry if you missed out this time! There is a Winter 2022 School and you can join a wait-list here. The content is likely to remain similar with potential further additions.

Want more information?

Be sure to check out this video overview of the event:

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