Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a Lecturer in Digital Business (equivalent to Assistant Professor) at Northumbria University, 

I have delivered over 60 talks across 11 countries including the UK and covering China, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia (x3), Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark (x2), Australia, United States, and South AfricaMy interests span across Digital Marketing, Digital Society, and Public Health.

I have authored 16 peer reviewed outputs including conference papers, journal articles,  and book chapters.  I have also authored highly read academic blog posts. Please take a look at a list of my publications

PhD Thesis now published!



I also have a number of media appearances, below is a video from my interview to SABC News. 


I have also appeared on BBC Radio, and Lotus FM. Recently my work was featured in an article in the Telegraph and in an online article for SABC News

I have authored social media blog posts for the London School of Economics and Political Sciences Impact BlogIn 2015 my post on Twitter tools appeared among the top 5 most read and this was also achieved in an updated post in 2017. 

Image result for lse impact blog wasim ahmed

I have also authored articles for publishers such as the Data Driven Journalism Resource, and The Conversation. My articles have been shared and cross-posted across several mainstream outlets. My work has been accessed in at least 140 countries

I am a member of the Social Media Research Foundation. I am an expert in social media research and digital business more generally. I have 29 recent LinkedIn recommendations which highlight my skill set and have worked with industry, government and the media.

I am always interested in collaborating and delivering social media talks, so feel free to contact me via email (mail2wahmed@gmail.com) or social media.  

I am blogging in a personal capacity. 

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