I am studying for a PhD in the area of informatics and social media. However this is a personal blog and posts here on analytical tools are not endorsements.

I earned grades of AAB in my A-Levels in 2009, then went on to earn a BA (Hons) in Philosophy in 2012. I then won an Alumni Fund Scholarship which enabled me to earn an MSc in Information Systems in 2013.

My BA and MSc were both completed at the University of Sheffield,  a world top-100 University. In 2014 I won funding from the Faculty of Social Sciences to pursue a PhD.

My research is focused on examining user generated content on platforms such as Twitter to gain a better understanding of how users respond to epidemics and pandemics.

More generally, I have examined how health is communicated on social media platforms. My professional research also reviews free open source tools and industry-specific tools that researchers from the social sciences can use to gather and analyse data from social media platforms.

I am an expert in retrieving and analysing data from social media platforms and have worked on a number of academic and industry projects across the world. I have 22 recent LinkedIn recommendations which highlight my skill set.

I completed my MSc dissertation (with distinction) in the Health Informatics Research (HIR) group, evaluating the information quality of Norovirus websites. This can be found here.

Other projects I have worked on within the HIR group include: examining the information quality of web sources, older people’s health and all-cause mortality, and survival analysis. I have also collaborated on transdisciplinary projects related to the emergence of a global research culture.

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Peer Reviewed Publication List


  • Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G.  (2018) Measuring the Effect of Public Health Campaigns on Twitter: The Case of World Autism Awareness Day. iConference 2018. Sheffield, United Kingdom, March 2018.
  • Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G.  (2018) Using Twitter for Insights into the 2009 Swine Flu and 2014 Ebola outbreaks. iConference 2018. Sheffield, United Kingdom, March 2018.




Non-peer reviewed publications




Conference Presentations, Social Media Talks, and Workshops





I have good teaching experience and during my PhD I have taught on the following modules:

  • INF6029 Data Analysis (AUT SEM 2014, 2015 and 2016)
  • INF6003 E-Business and E-Commerce (SPRING 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • INF6028 Data Mining and Visualisation (SPRING 2015~16)
  • INF6032 Big Data Analytics (SPRING 2016-2017)
  • HAR6059 Public Health Informatics (SPRING 2017)
  • HAR655 Public Health Informatics (SPRING 2016~17)

I have also attended the following courses:

  • Digital Possibilities: Integrating Technology to Support Learning
  • Large Group Teaching: Lecturing
  • Small Group Teaching: Laboratory Demonstration
  • Academic Culture: Transitions & Expectations
  • Academic Culture: Transitions & Expectations

SPMentions of my research

Other achievements

  • Completed an internship with Manchester United as a visiting scholar.
  • Helped the University of Sheffield with a social media project.
  • In October 2017 visited an Information School Alumni at Harvard University.
  • Have a number of high profile recommendations from academia, the mainstream media, and industry. My favorite recommendation is from former Channel 4 News Economics Editor Paul Mason:

Wasim was able to help me gain a better understanding of the ‪#‎ThisIsACoup‬‬hashtag, and was an absolutely pleasure to work with. I would recommend Wasim’s social media skills to any journalist, organisation, or research team looking to better understand social media data.
– Paul Mason, Writer, Broadcaster, and Film Maker (@paulmasonnews)

You can catch me on Twitter – @was3210

I am a blog partner with Visibrain Focus, therefore some of the posts are produced in my role with Visibrain. Additionally, I am a member of the Social Media Research Foundation, and I am a Connected Action Partner which means some of my posts are produced under these organisations.

You can contact me at mail2wahmed@gmail.com

Creative Commons License
A blog about my research by Wasim Ahmed is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. This is an independent blog, and I am blogging in a personal capacity. The content is not affiliated with an institution. The blog posts are provided for educational purposes.

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