Publication List

Journal Articles 

Ahmed W, Marin-Gomez X, Vidal-Alaball J. (2020). Contextualising the 2019 E-Cigarette Health Scare: Insights from Twitter. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2020. (2018 Impact Factor 2.4, #4 in Public Health Ranked by Google Scholar)

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Vidal-Alaball J., Fernandez-Luque L., Marin Gomez FX., Ahmed W (2019). A New Tool for Public Health Opinion: Using Twitter Polls for Insight into Telemedicine. JMIR Formative Research. ( 2018 Journal Stats from Web of Science: h-index 35 / average citations per item 3.91).

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A, Sbaffi, L., Demartini, G. (2019). Novel insights into views towards H1N1 during the 2009 Pandemic: a thematic analysis of Twitter data. Health Information and Libraries Journal (2018 impact factor 1.19/ ABS 2* & Q2 in SJR for Health Informatics).

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Ahmed, W., Fayoyin, O., & Bath P.A (2018). Physical activity and long-term survival in older men and women: a 21 year longitudinal study. Activities, Adaptation & Aging. (2018 RG Impact Factor 0.33 & Q3 for Gerontology ) 


Bonne, M & Ahmed, W (2020). TikTok: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to GEN Z. Amazon Publishing. 

Bonne, M & Ahmed, W (2020). InstaBusiness: The Quick Start Guide to Making it on Instagram. Amazon Publishing

Bonne, M & Ahmed, W (2020). A 20 minute quick start guide to getting noticed on Twitter in 2020. Amazon Publishing. 

Book Chapters

Fenton, A., Ahmed, W., & Hides, M. (2019). Audit to discover what value was added. Strategic Digital Transformation: A Results-Driven Approach (Eds), Routledge.

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., & Demartini G (2017) Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of ethical challenges.  Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity (Eds). Emerald Books.

Conference Publications

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G. (2020). Zika Outbreak of 2016: Insights from Twitter. Human Computer Interaction Conference. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

De Baets, S., Önkal D., Ahmed, W (2019). Nudging for improved forecasts of future expenses and saving. International Symposium on Forecasting.

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Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G.  (2018) Moral Panic through the Lens of Twitter: An Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks. ACM Digital Library, Social Media and Society Conference Proceedings. (Acceptance rate 47%).

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G.  (2018) Measuring the Effect of Public Health Campaigns on Twitter: The Case of World Autism Awareness Day. Lecture Notes in Computer Science(Acceptance rate 50%).

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G. (2018). Using Twitter for Insights into the 2009 Swine Flu and 2014 Ebola Outbreaks. IDEALS Proceedings. (Acceptance rate 73.6%).

Ahmed, W., Demartini, G., and Bath, PA. (2017) Topics Discussed on Twitter at the Beginning of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in United States. iConference 2017 IDEALS Proceedings.

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Other key non-peer reviewed publications

Ahmed, W. (2019) Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of current social media research tools (Updated for 2019) LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog

Ahmed, W. (2018) Croatia’s World Cup consolation: Google searches soar as world seeks information on finalists. The Conversation. (Accessed 16/07/18).

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Ahmed, W., Lugovic, S. (2016) Using Twitter as a teaching tool can boost engagement and enrich classroom debate and discourse. LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog June 23 2016 (Accessed 28/09/2016).

Ahmed, W. (2016). #ThisIsACoup: A Case Study of Data Journalism using Social Media. Data Driven Journalism Resource. ( (Accessed 04/07/2016).