Publication List

Journal Articles 

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URL: DOI: 10.2196/19458 .

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Book Chapters

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Conference Publications

Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., Sbaffi, L., & Demartini. G. (2020). Understanding reactions to swine flu, Ebola, and the Zika virus using Twitter data: an outlook for future infectious disease outbreaks.  18th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (ISHIMR).

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Other key non-peer reviewed publications

Four experts investigate how the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory began. W Ahmed, J Downing, M Tuters, P Knight.

Despite concerns, COVID-19 shows how social media has become an essential tool in the democratisation of knowledge. R Das, W Ahmed

Ahmed, W. (2019) Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of current social media research tools (Updated for 2019) LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog

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Ahmed, W. (2017). Review of the book The ethics of memory in a digital age: interrogating the right to be forgotten, by Ghezzi, A., Pereira, Â., & Vesnic-Alujevic, L. (Eds.). Information, Communication & Society.

Ahmed, W. (2017) Amplified messages: How hashtag activism and Twitter diplomacy converged at #ThisIsACoup – and won in Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. A Book of Blogs (pp.109 – 114). Sheffield, United Kingdom. 

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