Twitter data capture tools from a usability perspective

In a blog post comment I was asked what tools are good from a usability and interface perspective. And I thought this would make for a good blog post. The tools covered in this blog were recommended to me by my PhD supervisor. Many of these tools have existing guides, videos or instructional tutorials and rather than provide my own I have provided the links to these.

Users of these tools are reminded that the data obtained via the tools should be used in a fair and responsible manner. And this means adhering to Twitter’s Rules of the Road as well as applicable ethical codes of practice and data protection laws.

TAGS (Twitter Arching Google Spreadsheet)

System: TAGS is a Web based tool so it will work on most operating systems.

Download TAGS:

TAGS Support Forums:


System: Mozdeh only works on Windows and it is advisable to use a Desktop computer (there are 32 and 64 bit versions).

Download Mozdeh:

Mozdeh User Guide:

Mozdeh Theoretical overview:

Twitter query set generation with Mozdeh:


System: Chorus only runs on Windows. It is also advisable to use Chorus with a desktop computer.

Request to download Chorus:

Chorus Tweetcatcher Desktop manual:

YouTube tutorial:

I made another list a while back ‘A list of tools to capture Twitter data’ at: 

Also be sure to check out via Dr Deen Freelon’s curated list at:

You can catch me on Twitter @was3210 

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