Exploring nurses’ online perspectives and social networks during a global pandemic COVID-19

We recently had a, fully Open Access, paper accepted for publication in the Public Health Nursing journal

Below you can read an extract from our paper on the principal findings:

“This study showed the social networks and interactions of nursing actors on Twitter during the early months of COVID-19. It highlighted discussion hubs, containing nine of the most influential users in the network, as well as smaller more disconnected groups. A number of key perspectives on COVID-19 from nursing actors were also revealed. Nurses recognized a lack of preparedness and control on a macro-level in terms of how governments handled the crisis, highlighting failures in contact tracing systems and lack of PPE. The capacity of healthcare organizations to protect the safety and rights of nurses and other professionals at work was also questioned. Nursing actors reached out through social media to political and nursing leaders to advocate for change such as using more technology to identify and manage COVID-19. Nurses also critiqued the quality of information available on the global pandemic, reflecting the scientific uncertainty that characterized its early stages. They emphasized the need to distinguish between misleading information versus emerging scientific evidence to inform the public health response. Furthermore, nursing actors used Twitter to voice their pride in the profession and advocate for greater recognition of their role in responding to public health emergencies. “

Be sure to read the full paper:

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